RPG Maker MV - TOKIWA GRAPHICS Classic Monsters Pack No.2

RPG Maker MV - TOKIWA GRAPHICS Classic Monsters Pack No.2

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Entice all game players to enter your world! TOKIWA GRAPHICS presents pack 2 of classic monsters you will love. The second monster pack includes a mysterious Slime with unusual colors and a shy Mandragora.

This pack contains popular and well-known monsters with unique design twists. Some are even cute and adorable enough to join the main party!

These monsters are crafted delicately to match to the 4 color-variations of the background graphics. For the sunset background you can use sunset-compatible monsters. Combine this pack with other TOKIWA GRAPHICS background series!


• 4 battlers: Slime, Mandragora, Lizardman, Bat in 4 color variations; day / sunset / night / rain. Total of 16 side-view battler graphics.
• Each character comes with walking sprites in 2 variations(normal and dark shadow). Total of 8 sprites.
• You can enjoy the flawless graphic images in your game by combining these monsters with other TOKIWA GRAPHICS series.
• These graphics are for RPG Maker use only!
• Background graphics and tiles shown in the sample screenshots below are NOT included in this pack.



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