UFHO2 - Making Of & Extras

UFHO2 - Making Of & Extras

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This DLC is an open window on UFHO2’s development, an adventure that lasted more than 2 years - more than 5 taking the original version made in Flash in 2010 into account.


  • Almost 500 screenshots of 2 years of work in progress. In these, you will be able to see the game as it was made, from the very first shape of rooms, to the last UI tweaks (including things that were changed during development).
  • Other Versions contains the first UFHO of 2007, in its offline form, and the initial prototype of UFHO2 of 2010, with a simple AI to play against. Both require Flash Player. Also, you will find the pirated version that was released in April 2014 on torrents (save data is not compatible with the full version).
  • Some promotional graphics, icons, covers, box art
  • Some work-in-progress graphics, sketches, drawings, concept art - including the pixel Jeevil character that were featured in the WiiWare game Bit.Trip RUNNER by Gaijin Games.
  • The trailers produced for the original Flash version, then called "UFHO Space Academy". Notice how the first one referred to a version that was supposed to come out on Facebook!
  • The video that was used for the 2012 Kickstarter campaign.
  • Some work-in-progress audio, with the draft for the aliens voices, some of which were never chosen.


    • Storage: 350 MB available space
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