Planes, Bullets and Vodka: Soundtrack

Planes, Bullets and Vodka: Soundtrack

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The Planes, Bullets and Vodka Soundtrack is a collection of 10 awesome tracks from 4 different artists, and you can get it completely free if you bought the game!

All tracks are on MP3 format.

Ambient teknology - Too Hot 2Bot
Cozmikbeats - Balshazar
Cozmikbeats - Idiomatic
SGX - Thinking Different
SGX - True (instrumental)
SGX - Unsteady Unsure
Dr Kuch - Completly Misticism
Dr Kuch - Forbidden Beat
Dr Kuch - Situation O
Dr Kuch - The Big Bang Theory

You can access the musics on the folder "//steamapps\common\Planes, Bullets and Vodka\Soundtrack"



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