Streets of Rogue Soundtrack

Streets of Rogue Soundtrack

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Welcome to the Streets of Rogue. The Mayor has banned all unofficially-sanctioned music and demanded the forfeiture of every non-compliant cassette tape and compact disc. All that has been saved is a collection of vintage dance music B-sides called "NOW That's What I Hope You Think Is Music," passed around furtively in the shadows by the Resistance. Treat your copy well, for it is all you have left.

More music will be added to this soundtrack throughout development of Streets of Rogue.

Once purchased, the soundtrack will be available in mp3 format in the 'Soundtrack' folder of the Streets of Rogue Steam directory.

Streets of Rogue Soundtrack by Craig Barnes

1. Floor 1-1: Ghetto Libretto
2. Floor 1-2: Shanty Chantey
3. Floor 1-3: Slum Scrum
4. Floor 2-1: Gonna Make You Do Backbreaking Labor (Everybody Moil and Toil Now)
5. Floor 2-2: THWOMP! (There It [A Rollicking Good Time] Is)
6. Floor 2-3: LET'S GET READY TO (Hash Out Our Differences Peacefully)
7. Floor 3-1: Ace of La Boots
8. Floor 3-2: Do the Gorilla
9. Floor 3-3: Don't Stop Movin'! Like Really! Killer Robot is After You!
10. Floor 4-1: Hit Me With Your Best Rock
11. Floor 4-2: Groove is in the Blood-Pumping Organ of an Animate Being
12. Floor 4-3: Heavy Wheezing on the Dancefloor
13. Floor 5-1: I'm Too Arousing For My Turtleneck
14. Floor 5-2: Gonna Bust a Blood Vessel
15. Floor 5-3: Tell It To My Cardiologist, Why Dontcha
16. Final Floor: The Mayor's Lament
17. Final Floor: Speech! Speech!
18. HUH. Get Funky. In the Streets of Rogue. Yeah. Jam On. (Credits)
19. Let's Get This Video Game Started (Titles)
20. Turn Up the Base (Home Base)
21. Won't You Kindly Increase the Decibels (Bonus Track)
22. Streets of Rogue Trailer


    • OS: Any
    • Processor: Any
    • Graphics: Any
    • Storage: 100 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Any
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