Rimi Action RPG

Rimi Action RPG

Rimi Action RPG is a sandbox game based in an Action RPG enviroment. You have a open map guided by missions, and you have the freedom to choose what you want to do. You can play two different characters. Perfect game for otakus or RPG lovers, you can read further.

About This Game

Rimi, maybe that name sounds to you, maybe you are otaku or you are just interested in RPG games, if you stay that way.
Maybe Rimi was the name of your ex (if you've ever had a girlfriend), that girlfriend who left you for that guy who was not otaku, who was taller than you, who usually hanged out with friends more than you, who did not have the wall full of Japanese drawings and that his crush was not an anime girl.
Or maybe you just like RPGs, which is very respectable, but it's strange that you have that predilection for RPGs in which young women appear, just like what happens with animes.
The best thing is to buy this game and have a good time playing it, then you can go back to your bed and sleep with that cushion you call "Sakura". You can cry on "Sakura" until you fall asleep, and hopefully tomorrow you will not remember anything and you can play this game again

Rimi Action RPG is a sandbox game in a typical Action RPG World. This Game has all the elements you will be expecting to find in an Action RPG game, like characters you can interact with, a big map with different ambients and enemies, different skills, character progression and a lot of more things.

You have the freedom to do what you wish while playing this game, thanks to his open map and thanks to its gameplay is not lineal, its guided by missions that are not lineal.

What to expect:

-Inventory and Shop

-Skill tree different in each character

-Multiple skills different for each character

-Skills with area damage

-Pet and summoning skills

-Dodge Roll

-Riding system

-Multiple of quests located of different enviroments

-Quests based on killing enemies, collecting something of talking with someone

-Possibility of crafting

How to play:

-WASD to move character

-Space to Jump

-Left click to use normal attack

-Right click to use selected skill

-1,2 and 3 to switch between skills

-C to open status window

-I to open inventory

-K to open skill window

-ESC to go to save-open menu

-Q to open quest log

-Hold shift to sprint

-H to open and close help

-P to switch to aiming mode

-R to switch weapon


    • OS: Windows 7/10
    • Processor: Dual Core
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Supproted
    • Storage: 100 MB available space
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